Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Birthday TSLA!

Today, on our Facebook page, we recognize the 60th anniversary of the current Tennessee State Library and Archives building. On June 17, 1953, our facility opened to the public. Since then, thousands of people have visited to research a wide variety of subjects.

To celebrate this occasion, we encourage you to "Like" us on Facebook. Better yet, please visit us in person on 403 Seventh Avenue North in Nashville or online at

Workers move boxes of records into the new Tennessee State Library and Archives building, near the end of construction, in 1953. Pictured in foreground are Clinton Parrent, architect, and Dr. Dan Robison, State Librarian & Archivist. Tennessee Historical Society Picture Collection.

 The State Library and Archives is a division of the Tennessee Department of State and Tre Hargett, Secretary of State.

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  1. Since I don't work on Mondays at TSLA, I'm just now on the day after learning how the 17th was a milestone anniversary for the TSLA building. So, happy 60th birthday plus one day, TSLA!