Friday, February 28, 2014

Geek the Library event this weekend!

This weekend, libraries in East Tennessee will join together to promote their libraries and create awareness about public library services and funding at a home game of the Knoxville Ice Bears.

Public libraries across the state – more than 170 so far – are participating in Geek the Library, a national campaign to raise awareness about the importance of properly funding libraries. The campaign highlights what people are passionate about and how libraries can provide resources to support their pursuits.

Geek the Library features local educational material that introduces 'geek' as a verb, and encourages the public to talk about what they 'geek'- whether it's engineering, superheroes, art or other subjects. The public awareness campaign illustrates the fact that everyone is passionate about something (i.e., everyone 'geeks' something) and that the public library has books and other materials about all of those different interests.

The campaign features advertising, social networking elements, a website and grassroots community initiatives to draw attention to the need for increased library support. The website,, provides information about how people can get active and support their local libraries.

If you’d like to know more about the Knoxville Ice Bears Geek the Library event, check out their Facebook page. They’ve also started a Thunderclap and need noisemakers. You can join the Thunderclap here. Even the Knoxville Ice Bears are featuring the event.

The State Library and Archives is a division of the Tennessee Department of State and Tre Hargett, Secretary of State.

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